Is that true?

Statement:''tartar is not clear because the machines are
                   does dissolve teeth'' '
Truth: false

Tartar kakkto harms teeth and so-called zabodarzhasht apparatus millions of fibers that hold teeth in the bone. He slowly and almost bezsimptomno izbutva Venice, shipway underlying bone and lead to early razkalshtane and apparently healthy fall / neuvredeni caries / teeth.

Statement: "It hurts, it is destroyed, I want to be out"
Truth: incorrect

Dentistry has advanced enough to handle the majority of tooth pain.
The decision for extraction shall be subject only to the treating dentist after being assessed and made it possible to treat it.

Statement: "my teeth are important, the rear - make no
                    meaning. "
Truth: false

The front teeth have a function as davkatelni, phonetic and aesthetic, but in themselves are not fully formed sazabie, stability is reduced and this is obusklavya and struktorata and their format. They ednokorenovi and are located in the thin bone structures. Occlusion is determined by the rear / davkatelni / teeth.
In the absence of their partial or complete changes which destroyed the front and who are charged with times more than normal.

Statement: "milk teeth is changed it should be treated either
                    otherwise you will fall "
Truth: false

Nature is perfect in it mehanizan no unnecessary parts! Upon abandonment of dairy sazabie problems occur with the comfort of the child / food only country which did not hurt / and with improper handling of food which leads to impaired fetal themselves or permanent teeth.

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