About Me

Dr. Dimitrov Georgi Gospodinov
Born on 31.12 1973.
 in Varna

 - In 1991gratued
 PMG "Academic Metodi Popov, Varna; - Prez1995g. PMI Varna Bachelor of Dentistry;

- In 2002. University of  Plovdiv - Master of Dentistry;

- In the period 2003 - 2006. worked in the dental office in Varna -
factory Druzhba; village Razdelna; village Strashimirovo

- Dental office to Solvay Sodi;

- By 2005 a dental practice Varna Address: Hadji Dimitar 16 fl.1 ap.23

Principles defining my work are:

                  realism in everything;

                  real problems;

                  real solutions;

                  real quality;

                  actual prices;


Trust is not bought, with my work I hope to earn your trust!



                                                                                                                                                                                                    Sincerely: Dr. Gospodinov